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заикаются комментаторы фифа 15

Почему лагает фифа 15 и заикаются комментаторы? Почему лагает фифа 15 и заикаются комментаторы?Thread Почему лагает фифа 15 и заикаются комментаторы? Демо FIFA 15 очень сильно тормозит и лагает в меню и во время игры?

  • Почему лагает фифа 15 и заикаются комментаторы? Алексей Высоцкий (100), на голосовании 1 год назад
  • Чтобы начать активно играть в Фифа 15 прежде всего не забудьте последнюю версию Фифа 15 скачать бесплатно на русском на российский комментатор Георгий. farming simulator моды версии 1 3 — Фифа 15
  • Фифа 2014 — удивительная игра с великолепной графикой, интерфейсом, реалистичной физикой ! Черданцев будет комментатором в FIFA 15. — Новые русские комментаторы для фифа 15

Zio: «FIFA тормозит из-за нехватки оперативной памяти»

Zio прислал сообщение на пейджер сайта.

«Fifa тормозит из-за нехватки оперативной памяти. Заметил, что при 4 гигабайтах оперативки FIfa 15 нормально работает только если закрыты браузеры, скайп и прочие фоновые программы, иначе оперативки не хватает, используется медленный файл подкачки на HDD. и игра жутко тормозит, идет рывками, заметно заикание комментаторов.

Так что если у вас системник удовлетворяет требованиям игры, чист от вирусов и троянов, нормальный интернет, откройте монитор ресурсов (поиском через меню «Пуск»), загляните на вкладку «Память» и проверьте, хватает ли оперативки. Моему приятелю помогло добавление второй планки на 4гб после произведенной мной диагностики», — сказал игрок

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FIFA 15 Micro Stuttering / 1 Second Freeze

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  • Опубликовано: 29 ноя 2014
  • I just bought FIFA 15 and after a few matches the game starts freezing for seconds or do micro stutter. My Specs. AMD FX 6300 3.5 Ghz / Kingston HyperX Genesis 8 GB 1600 Mhz / Sapphire R9 270 Dual-X / OS Windows 8.1 Pro
    Any other games are running perfectly in 1080p ex.CSGO, Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4 without any freeze or lag. Can anyone know how to fix it or something?
  • Компьютерные игры
  • #fifa 15#Micro Stuttering#freeze#Sports Game (Industry)#lag
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Комментарии • 13

hold 60 fps in riva server,if vsynch on

Me too man it is pain in the ass

its from the RAM

having the exact same problem. fx 8320, 7850 here.

+Gustavo Monteiro i locked fps on 60 and its is smoove are fuck :)) problem was that my fps went from 200 to 150 and batck and fourth. so that solved it

i use windows 7 and when i updated my graphic driver, it solved on its own.

+Gustavo Monteiro did u manager to solve it mate? i experience same thing with my gtx 960 and 8gb ram, i dont get whats wrong, those stutter happens during game

guess i already have the newest .net and my drivers are already updated. sadly i have bad internet connection and reinstalling would be difficult. fifa 15 seems to launch properly only when it wants to

+Gustavo Monteiro Try to download the latest drivers and the latest .Net! It may help you. If its not. Try to reinstall the game!

Fifa 15 заикания

a V d OYD jjRaV b mYS y Gh mJjR P vfl a sfvK y m S b p tUS a mjBb c ZX e dcX

There are two way possibilities — either your PC fulfills the minimum system requirements for FIFA 15 or it does not. The graphic card requirement shown may not exactly match but you can check how FIFA 15 performance for your current graphic card at GameDebate for a Laptop or a Desktop . This is how it fares for my graphic card for FIFA 14 (my graphic card doesn’t support FIFA 15):

I) The minimum system requirement are fulfilled- Under this scenario, there are probably one of the following possibilities:

1)A hardware issue — Probably, a damaged sound card, graphic card or processor may be the real concern.

2)Driver issues — Check DirectX requirements, check whether proper sound and graphic drivers are installed and whether they are up-to-date.

3) Power supply issues — The graphic card required to run FIFA 15 may probably require a PSU that will support for more than 500 watts (or at least 500 watts). Even if PSU is up to the required standards, sometimes fluctuation in power supply may give rise to the issues which affect the performance your machine which in turn results in bad performance of the game.

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II) The minimum system requirement are NOT fulfilled- Just give up on FIFA 15. It won’t work on your machine. NO, WAIT! NOT SO FAST! There are ways in which you may be able to just make it work without exactly meeting the system requirements. (Just don’t say that you have some old dual core machine with 2GB RAM relying on onboard graphic adapter. That will definitely not work!) You may have to try to overclock your GPU, tweak your sound device settings, try to find a work around for your processor if it is felling short of the requirement. Let me tell you this won’t be easy and may end up as a complete failure too. But if you end up making FIFA 15 work, well. 🙂

Finally, I would like to inform you that the above solutions are supposed to work in case of general scenarios. There are, sometimes, problems specific to a game and occur under special circumstances and these require specific solutions. Most of these involve tweaking config files. However, this will require details of your system as well as of the problems you are facing. There are many people out there who can’t play FIFA 15 even on good system configuration (sometimes because of silly mistake such as this ). There are also people who have successfully played FIFA 15 even on a dual core CPU (refer image below).

Fifa 15 — lagging and stuttering offline

I got fifa 15 last week but have never had a good game!

During any mode of the game, I will lag on a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, or free kick, it does this jittering thing on the screen where some players or the ball with jitter for a couple of seconds and then seem to catch up and then be completely normal, I have an Xbox one but it’s a brand new, how can I fix this?

I have forwarded all ports that are suggested!

Discussion Info

I have the same problem. I contacted EA as I had read online about the PS4 and PC having the same issues but I can’t find many with this problem on Xbox one. EA said they would have an update out within a few days to resolve this but as of yet there is nothing.

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I have recorded videos of it happening as there are times it is horrendous and makes the game unplayable. Problem is its happening offline as well so any game mode really is unplayable.

I also notice a slight lag when watching fast moving TV through the Xbox and I have tried changing the MHz down to 50 as this is meant to solve that issue but that hasn’t worked for me.

Any methods of fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

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